Crossfit Open 17.3 Recap

Coming in to this years Open, as I stated before, my goal was to Rx each workout, and not a cheap Rx where I only do one of the movements.

One of my many weakness is any weight overhead, it comes down to strength and confidence.  About a month before the Open I started to work with Allison who is a coach in my box,  I respect her greatly for her knowledge and ability to coach. I went to her and asked that she help me with weight overhead, seems simple but most sessions i would only use a empty barbell, far from the 95lbs needed to Rx 17.3.

In my box ( Rocky Lake Barbell ) we have awesome weightlifting coaches, the box is divided into a Crossfit side and a olympic weightlifting side with lots of cross over.

I did 5 sessions with Allison prior to attempting 17.3 , the last session was right before I attempted the workout on Monday, the session started with a women's bar, mens bar, then started to load on weight. This session was more about confidence building then anything. Right before the workout I tried to back out of the workout saying it would ruin the progress, really I was afraid of it. Allison told me we would just take it one rep at a time, we wouldn't rush. Well lets just say it worked, I hit 14 PR snatches at 95lbs and was super pumped!!

This is all about seeing your weaknesses and taking the time to fix them, I still have alot of work to do, but this was a great starter.


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