CrossFit Pushing It

Well a lot of you who are reading this are either in the middle of a snow storm or bracing yourself for a blizzard. Here in Halifax we are expecting just under a foot of snow tomorrow. Our cupboards were bare so after Crossfit we heading to the grocery store... Bad move it was crazy in there.

We made it out and are ready to send a night relaxing watching the snow fall.

Crossfit today was fun, I hit the noon class and felt great. My pulled chest is about 90% and I am able to push it a little more each time, I also popped a Advil and didn't feel my elbow bothering me.

After doing the push press and getting a PR with reps we had to perform Over head lunges while carrying a 45lbs bumper plates... That was painful.

Enjoy the snow if your on the east coast.

A.) Push Press 5×3-4 TnG rest 90 sec

B.) 4 Sets on a 4 Minute Timer
6-10 HSPU
20 American KBS 35/53
20 OH Walking Lunge 25/45
rest 4 minutes
C.) For Time
KB High Pulls
Hand Release Push Up
Double Unders

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