CrossFit WOD 13/11/06

The last two nights I worked night shifts at work, I was unsure what I was going to do in regards to CrossFit but I ended up finishing work at 530am and headed to class at 600am.

I thought that I would be beat and it would effect my performance but the last two mornings I had good workouts.

Today was a good workout, I saw some improvement on my Snatch, I know the movements it's just putting it to practice.

Warm-up... Then

A.) EMOTM 14
Hang Snatch 3 Reps

B.) EMOTM 12
Odds: Deadlift 8-12 TnG reps
Evens: Box Jumps 8-12 reps

C.) EMOTM 10
Odds: Burpee 8 reps
Evens: Double Unders 30 seconds

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