CrossFit WOD 13/11/04

I took the weekend off and my legs felt rested going into todays WOD. The first two parts were squats, I did a lot better today with weight today but I was having a issue getting my elbows high which led to a lot of pressure on my wrists. I guess I need to stretch my shoulders out to gain flexibility.

After the squats my legs burned as I did the step ups and reverse lunges...

Warm-up then.....

A.) 12 Minutes to work into a Front Squat 3RM
Drop down to 80% of A.)

3-2-1 Front Squat: Partner up if necessary

C1.) Alternating Step Up 3×16
C2.) Reverse Lunge 3×16
C3.) Russian KBS 3×24
rest 2 min

D.) 3 Sets
45 Sec AMRAP Sit Up
45 Sec Plank
rest 30 sec

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