CrossFit Bear Crawl

Yesterday was remembrance Day and there was only 1 Crossfit class for the day, last Holiday was Thanksgiving (Canadian ) and there was about 10-12 people that showed up. Yesterday there was over 20 people that closed up for the class... It ended up being a killer and we ended with AMRAP Burpees for 3mins.

crossfit exertion
Group Photo from Remembrance Day

As I woke up this morning, my legs were heavy and sore, it ended up being a mainly shoulders day which in a odd way I was thankful for, ending with the Bear Crawl was killer


A1.) Press 4×2-4
A2.) Push Press 4×5-9 rest 90 sec
A3.) Wtd Pull Up 4×2-4 rest 10 sec
A4.) Chest to Bar Pull Up 4×7-12 rest 90 sec

B1.) 1 Arm Press 3×8-10 rest 45 sec
B2.) Power Row 3×10-14 rest 45 sec

C.) 3 Sets
AMRAP Push Ups
Bear Crawl 100feet
rest 60 sec

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