Barefoot Shoe Injuries

Here at Lose The Shoes I am all about barefoot running and barefoot running shoes, and when talking about switching to barefoot shoes I caution about taking it slow. Recently there has been alot of press about the injuries casued by barefoot shoes.

So when people see these new titles saying "Barefoot Craze causes injuries" or "Barefoot Shoes harmful to runners" people automatic say, see I told you and write off barefoot running.

But if people took the time to read the data and the studies they would see that barefoot running done right is still great for you.

So to sum up the study that is in the news this week if you haven't look into it, Researchers at Brigham Young University in the U.S found that runners who make the switch from normal trainers to barefoot shoes too quickly suffered an increased risk of injury to bones in the foot, including possible stress fractures.

So the key to this is two words that get skipped over by most people, those two words are "too quickly" and this is just common sense, if you started to ski this winter you didn't skip the bunny hill and go stright for the black diamond hills did you? No...

So the key to Barefoot running and Barefoot shoes is to take it easy, you are using muscles that aren't used to being worked out, your adapting a new form and it takes time to get it right.

So don't burn all your vibram five fingers and throw out your Merrells, just becareful and ease yourself into it, but if you are throwing out those shoes you can send them my way..


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