Vibram FiveFingers Speed XC

vibram speed xc
Here's a quick review of the Vibram Five Fingers Speed XC that has been out for alittle bite now. The VFF Speed has always been my favorite VFF shoe and the XC looks like it won't let me down.

Here is what the Vibram Website says about the Speed XC:

The elements are no match for the Speed XC. The multi-layer laminate upper with fully taped seams provides insulation and water resistance for trail running and walking adventures. A 4mm EVA midsole offers plating protection from stone bruising, and a lightly cleated 4mm Vibram TC-1 Dura outsole delivers increased traction on a variety of surfaces. There’s a traditional lacing system designed for easy entry, gusseted tongue to prevent water penetration, and seamless polyester lining to keep the outdoor enthusiast comfortable and dry. Machine washable. Air dry.

Vibram Five Fingers Speed XC
UPPER- Laminated Stretch Mesh + Water Resistant Membrane
SOLE- Vibram TC-1 Dura + EVA Midsole
FOOTBED - Polyester Mesh
Machine Washable. Air Dry.

Men's size 43 - 5.47oz. each, 10.94oz./pair
Price: $140
The Speed XC is the new kid on the block in Vibrams line of casual Five Fingers. The Speed XC in anything but casual in my opinion though. 
Vibram claims that the Speed XC is a water-resistant shoe that can be used in any situation. The reason that I have always loved the Speed is because of its great retro looks. The Speed XC still looks great and is designed to be more versatile.
The Upper:
The upper on the Speed XC is multi-layered construction that uses a water-resistant membrane with a Laminated Stretch Mesh to create the upper. The Upper is very flexible and feels roomy around your foot.
speed xc blue
The Sole:
The Speed XC has a Trek Vibram sole which is designed to be aggressive and alittle thicker then other soles in the Vibram line.

The Feel:
As I stated earlier the Speed XC is marketed as a casual pair of VFF's, to me it can't be casual once they added the Trek Sole, having the Trek sole will make it alittle less comfortable lounging around the house or kicking back at the park.
With the Speed being water-resistant and multi layers get ready for your Speed XC's to smell alittle more then your classic speeds.


Overall the Speed XC is a great shoe, the only thing that I question about it is how it's marketed. I loved the VFF Speed because it was a awesome and stylish casual shoe. I believe that the Speed XC steps away from it's casual past and should be moved into the outdoor category.


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