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Barefoot Running DVD
This week I sat down and watched a movie called Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Over the last year Barefoot Running has taken off and a lot of people have attempted to make a quick dollar off it by producing books, videos and sites about it.  Barefoot Running The Movie is more then a slapped together video in an attempt to make a quick dollar, The Movie is well done and very informative and should be watched by all runners.

Here at I give it two Bare Toes Up!

Here's what the makers of this Film say about it at :

Barefoot Running - The Movie:
We had a blast working our tails off last winter, filming the ultimate barefoot running DVD in Maui, Hawaii. You’ll find everything you need to know about safely easing into barefoot running, from foot strengthening to proper posture, running form and recovery, all with a greater sense of awareness of your body and the world around you. Be inspired to go out and play like a kid again!

This is not your everyday how-to running video!  We've jampacked this DVD with as much heart, passion and goodies as we could.

  • First off, for all non-US residents, we've made this DVD REGION-FREE!
  • And for those of you who don't have DVD players that play NTSC, we'll be shipping you PAL versions! to make life a little easier.  
  • You'll find awesome tunes by talented muscians such as Barefoot Truth, Zachary Bergen and two-timeGrammy Award winning Robert Mirabal aka Johnny Whitehorse. 
  • You asked for SUBTITLES for the hearing impaired, we got you subtitles! (English only so far)
  • You asked for OUTTAKES, we sucked it up and put our embarrassing moments on film. 
  • And for those of you familiar with Michael's stunning PHOTOGRAPHY work, we've even included a beautiful photo show. 
  • Since we filmed on Maui, we thought we'd give you a taste of ALOHA spirit from a very special Kapuna known as Auntie Puanani Mahoe.  We're extremely honored to include her interview.

Barefoot Running The Movie consists of 17 Chapters that walk the viewer through everything they need to know about beginning barefoot running or improving on their form.
barefoot running DVD photos

Chapter 1: Why Run Bare - This chapter looks at the reasons to start running barefoot and the health benefits behind barefoot running. I like the quote is this chapter where Jessica  talks about " Looking at the world like a kid again" through the joys of running.

Chapters 2,3 and 4 provides brief backgrounds on Michael and Jessica and how they started running barefoot, as well as the Anatomy of Running. Michael's story is truly remarkable and I'll leave you to discover it yourselves.

Chapter 5: This chapter is the Meat and potatoes of this Movie, this chapter addresses proper running form and can be helpful for the runner that is just starting barefoot running or a runner that has logged hundreds of miles on their bare feet. This section hits on all the keys like Running upright, erect, arms high and back, pelvis level and landing on your forefoot, this section is very well done.
proper running form

Chapter 6-10: These chapters hit on topics like, Syncing with nature, Warming up, First 200 yards (Very important to start off slow), Benefits for women and Form Drills.

Chapter 11: This chapter addresses the topic of nature play, and bringing fun back into your running routine. Through this Chapter you can see how Jessica went from hating running to truly loving it.

Chapters 12,13: These two chapters hit on Balance Drills and Blindfolded drills to improve your running experience.
barefoot running menu

Chapters 14 and 15 talk about building the pads on your feet and how to recover from barefoot running.

Chapter 16 is a lot like my site here at and hits on what to look for in a barefoot shoe if you must wear one.

Chapter 17 bids you Happy Trails and finishes off this great movie.

So I recommend you pick up a copy of this movie and enjoy learning more about barefoot running. There is great advice, scenery and music in the video, what more do you need. If you looking for action with guns and explosives maybe that will be in "Barefoot Running Returns"..Haha... Well here's the trailer to the movie.

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