Pluggz Shoe Review

My review for this week is done on a pair of Pluggz sandals. Pluggz sandals are produced by LiSTEN Brands Inc, they created an exclusive line of casual, fashionable and lifestyle footwear under the brand name pluggz, which is embedded with a proprietary “grounding” technology. In order to review Pluggz shoes I must first look at the idea of grounding.

So what does it mean to be grounded? The Pluggz website states "This technology grounds the person wearing the footwear to the earth which creates the powerful benefit of reducing inflammation in the body by restoring electrons to a more balanced state."

I was reading online and found this somewhat hippie definition of being grounded, The earth chakra is located approximately 12 to 18 inches below the soles of the feet. Often called the earth star chakra... it is not within the actual physical body but is part of the etheric body. This chakra aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth... and connects you with Mother Gaia.

I think this Video below does the best in explaining grounding..

Pluggz Review:

The pair of Pluggz shoes that I received was a men's graphite flip flop. The shoe looks like a normal flip flop when wearing them but it does offer a slight arch support and is designed with their proprietary “plug” technology that allows to to get grounded.

The Pluggz flip flops are made of high quality 100% rubber soles for comfort and long wear, all feature wide matching color rubber straps.

When looking at a barefoot shoe I look for a lightweight shoe with a zero drop heel, that has a large toe box to allow your toes to move free. So Flip Flops by design have a zero drop heel, super lightweight and all the freedom in the world for your toes to move when standing still.

The issues with Flip Flops is what happens when you start walking, in order for you to keep the Flip Flops on your feet you must grip the Flip Flop with your toes as you walk causing your muscles and tendons to become stressed. Also when walking in Flip Flops you tend to shorten your walking gate to keep the Flip Flops on, thus messing with your bio mechanics.

I must say that Pluggz Flip Flops grip your feet pretty well but I still found myself gripping with my toes. Pluggz shoes are well designed, durable and comfortable.

If you are considering Pluggz Flip Flops the question you must ask yourself is, do you believe in "grounding" and are your aware of the health considerations of wearing Flip Flops. If you settle those questions then Pluggz Flip Flops are a great choice.

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