Juil Vista Sandals Review

Check out this great Review from contributor Steffani of the Juil Vista Sandals.

Although I have never before worn a pair of barefoot shoes, I am definitely a barefoot kind of girl. Growing up in PEI, I had the toughest feet of anyone I knew. As soon as the snow melted, my feet wanted to be free.

Now, being an urban dweller, going barefoot is not a safe option. I have heard Kennyo talk about barefoot shoes. I have seen his Vibram barefoot shoes. However, prior to June 16 (also my move into first home day) I had never put my feet into a barefoot classified shoe.

Kennyo arranged for me to test drive a pair of Juil sandals, but having never paid attention to barefoot shoes before, I had to google Juil in order to learn their claim to fame.

What knowledge did I acquire? Juil has an exclusive Energy Flow Technologywhich claims to channel the body's rejuvenating energies residing in the earth's surface.  From reading the information provided on the, I learned that regular footwear blocks the flow of electrons from the earth to our bodies. Electrons from the earth help rid the body of radicals that build up due to things like stress or infections.

Juil has incorporated copper into their footwear as part of their Energy Flow Technology™. These copper circles are placed to host your heal and toes while walking. Below is a diagram of the placement of the copper circles.

Now, what did I think of my Juil Vista sandals?  When I first put them on, I thought that I would definitely end up with blisters between my toes as the strap seemed rough. Not my idea of a barefoot feeling. However, I was pleasantly surprised when my Vistas were gentle on my feet after about 15 minutes of walking.

Although I didn’t quite notice any of the benefits of the Energy Flow Technology™, I quickly became a believer of the barefoot category of shoes. My feet were so comfortable - I had trouble changing into my dress shoes when I got to work. My feet almost ached for my lunch break walks so they could be slipped back into the Vistas. The EVA foot bed forms to the foot imitating the feeling and benefits of barefoot walking.

Every time I wore my Juil sandals, I wished I could find a pair of dress shoes that were half as comfortable.  Although I normally spend as little as possible on shoes, I could be very tempted to purchase another pair of Juils.  They’re almost as good as going barefoot. 

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  1. I just bought my first pair of Juils last week...and I love them!