Fila Skele-Toes Banned

skele-toes banned
I was reading on today about Fila Skele-toes being up before the School board to be banned in a Louisiana school district, Vermilion Parish.

The decision should be out soon, this reminds me a lot of the U.S Military banning Vibram Five Fingers, Why this attack on toe shoes?

I guess the argument to have the shoes banned was brought up as a safety issue. What are people afraid of? If you look at a pair of flats that females wear, they offer no more protection for your feet. If they are afraid of a milk spills and kids slipping and falling, I'd say a pair of toe shoes will hold up better then any hard sole shoe.

The only issue I can think of with toe shoes that are worn barefoot would be the smell.... We are talking about grade schoolers, there are a lot of

What do you think? Should school ban barefoot shoes?


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