VIVOBAREFOOT Running Coach App

VIVOBAREFOOT is the company that many consider to one of the top barefoot shoe producers has released a Running Coach App that is aimed to help you run injury free. Merrell released a Barefoot app a while back that was well designed and it looks like VIVOBAREFOOT figured it would be a good marketing tool as well.

VIVOBAREFOOT Press states: To combat the spreading of this injury epidemic, VIVOBAREFOOT is proud to announce the Barefoot Running Coach app has finally hit the market. With this app, you can clearly see what injury-free barefoot running looks like – and with clever video synch technology gives you the chance to record and compare yourself against it. All you need is an iPhone or an iPad and a place to run, ideally on a treadmill.


  1. Looks like a great app - thanks for the suggestion! I LOVE my Nike+ app to track my distance i'll have to see if they can run at the same time!

    1. I downloaded it but haven't played around too much,, more of a teach aid