Scott Jurek Eat & Run

Here's a link to a great interview with Scott Jurek in The Boulder Weekly, as Jurek talks about his great running career and the new book he has put out called Eat & Run. Here's alittle from the interview check out the full thing above.

......Jurek has set the U.S. record for 24-hour distance on all surfaces, and won the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run and the Badwater Ultramarathon, setting new record times in both races. He won the Western States Endurance Run, which climbs 18,000 feet and descends 22,970 through the mountains of northern California, seven consecutive times. Those victories often came with that high school friend at his side as his pacer.

People had been asking him for a book for years — a book about running and a book that would reveal the secrets of the meat- and dairy-free diet that has fueled him throughout his career.

“There are two pivotal things that transformed my life: food and running, and I thought, ‘Why not put them together and then intersperse recipes so that I could satisfy everybody?’ So it’s got a little bit of everything, including some running tips,’” Jurek says.

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