Jacksonville Florida

Last week I headed off to Jacksonville Florida for a work related trip. I know this sounds like a great thing but the first couple of days I could have been at the North Pole because we left the hotel early and worked late.

The hands on part of the trip was pretty cool, we worked with drug addicts and learned about their lifestyle and got to practice my evaluations on them. They would open up to us because they were told we were nurses from Canada, a few of them nailed us for cops

I was super stressed about my final exam, it took me about 5hrs to complete and some took almost 10hrs. After the exam was over we were able to relax by the pool and get a little sun. Here are a few pics.

jacksonville flight
Flying down to Florida
no helmet motorcycle florida
Guess Helmets aren't needed

clarks fish camp
At Clarks Fish Shop , Truly an experience

Clarks Fish Shop menu
Menu at Clarks Fish Shop, What did I get?

gator ribs
I Had Gator Ribs !
Sonic Shake
Sonic Banana Shake
jacksonville beach
I Passed.. Went to the beach, it was so warm

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