Nike Ballet Shoes

I must say I don't follow the world of dance, but recently I came across these ballet shoes. In the dance world you don't see brands like Nike and Addias, but creative studies student Guercy Eugene has come up with a concept of a new ballet shoe that is worth reviewing.

These new concept ballet shoes, named the ‘Nike Arc Angels,’ are inspired by minimalism and ensure that dancer’s toes will have the most support and comfort, reducing the impact for dancers as they go forth with their training. The pointed shoes would come with installed elastic bands rather than your traditional ribbons so as to give the dancer ample ankle support.

Check them out, I'd have to hire a dancer to review them, I don't have any dance moves.


  1. These are very nice shoes from this very popular brand. My sister is a ballet dancer and she collects various ballet flats. I would certainly recommend this shoes for her.


    1. greetings Mrs. Dobson,

      would you please tell me where did you find these shoes? I have a 6th year ballet daughter and i would love to gift her these shoes.

      my email is

      Thanks a lot.

  2. I'm sending my daughters to ballet school soon and these look really lovely, it's great that Nike is finally releasing a different kind of apparel and I can't wait to but these for my kids, these seem very durable which suits my kids who love to move around a lot.