Oetzi3300 Shoes History

I am excited here at Lose The Shoes that I will be offering you guys and gals a review of a newer Minimalist shoe company called Oetzi3300 that I recently saw featured at Birthdayshoes.
Being a Police officer and a Barefoot shoe guy I have never been able to combine the two. When I saw the Oetzi3300 Troop Boot I was so excited that where was a minimalistic boot that could work as a Police boot.
Oetzi3300 was started back in 2009 by Ludo Malmoux, and is located in Malibu California.
When I was speaking with Ludo Malmoux he wanted to pass the following messsage to me, It is important that you understand that all our shoes are designed around the shape of your feet and hence have a very natural toe down look. Also all our shoes have a CORKfootbed inside that provide a very natural experience, Cork has anti microbial properties and the footbeds have arch support as well as heel stabilizer... the cork naturally compresses over time and ends up forming to the shape of your feet to become extremely comfortable.
Oetzi shoe
Oetzi3300 is named after the oldest man ever discovered and he had been named Oetzi and they dated him back to 3300 B.C. When they discovered Oetzi is was frozen in ice that preserved his shoes. As you can guess Qetzi was wearing a very minimal shoe not fancy pair of Nike's.

Ludo Malmoux was inspired by Oetzi's minimal shoes and launched his company Oetzi3300 a shoe company Oetzi would have been proud to wear.

I will talk more about the make up of the shoes in my review, but one thing that is pretty neat is that the footbed of the shoes are made from Cork which over time form to the shape of your foot and help them fit better and feel more comfortable, you can read more about the Cork Technology here.

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