Vibram Five Fingers On Survivor

I'm sitting here watching the premiere of Survivor One World. I haven't watched Survivor in years but their advertising worked, I saw all the ads promoting this years Survivor and it tempted me to watch.

The big "new" thing this year is that both teams are on the same beach camping.

I was watching Survivor and to my surprise I saw at least two contestants wearing a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. I was only able to see flashes of them but I think they were Pink Bikilas and a pair of Komodo Sports. 


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    1. Looks like this year there will be alot of

  2. Wow, I'm glad they're wearing VFF. It's super comfortable to wear. I'm a proud owner of VFF and I just love it. In fact, there's a compelling story about an old man, age 85, who has a deformed right foot and wearing VFF without any problem at all. Check it out here