Fut Glove Zum Review

I have had my Fut Gloves for about a month now and have been wearing them out in our winter weather and just kicking around the house and I greatly enjoy them.
I'm always looking for new Barefoot running shoes to review, and I stumbled upon Fut Glove. I read up on this American Barefoot Running company and I was sold. I wanted to review a pair of Fut Gloves, and looking at all their styles I was interested in the Zum's. I got my Zum's and then I contacted Dan at Fut Glove and asked him what he'd like to pass along about Fut Gloves and this was his response.
Fut Glove (Dan) stated the following:  A few differences of Fut Glove vs. others
  • Fut Gloves are built for comfort while strengthening the foot with a five toe shoe design
  • Fut Gloves are made with high impact rubber & EVA foam mid sole which runs from the heel through the toe areas.
  • Fut Gloves are constructed more like a "regular" shoe with structure and support.
Just by looking at Fut Gloves you can tell right away that their major competitor would be the VIbram Five Fingers. And in as many ways that they are the same, there's also many reasons they are different.

Fut Glove has many different styles, and the style I chose was the Zum, The Zum has flexible laces that makes it ideal for exercise and always your foot to stretch.

Here's all the Spec's for the Fut Glove Zum:
  • Hand Sewn Construction with 'Soft-Tech-Stitch' Providing Strength and Comfort
  • Cushioned Inner Sole Providing Additional Shock Absorption for Less Stress
  • Stain & Water Resistant Materials Provide Durable & Lasting Wear
  • Non-Marking highly Elastic 'India rubber' Sole Provides Flexibility and Long Wear
  • Breathable Double-Skinned Lycra® Between Toes for Comfort and Flexibility
  • Unique “Glove” Design Allows Each Five Toes to Move Independently with Protection
  • Protected by Aegis Microbe Shield® Controlling Odor, Staining, Deterioration

  • Fut Glove Zum in the real world:

    The first thing you'll notice about the your Fut Glove's is that they are alittle beefier if you're comparing them to Vibram Five Fingers. Fut Glove states that their shoes are Barefoot running shoes but offer the feel of a regular shoe.

    When you slip on a pair of Fut Gloves you'll notice that they have built up padding in the heel area and in the forefoot area. When walking around in Fut Gloves they do feel like a everyday shoes, but don't forget that people are staring at you because you have monkey feet. It's a great way to strike up a conversation about Barefoot running.
    The feel of this shoe is very different from the Vibram Five Finger shoes as you may not have that barefoot feel in this shoe, the ground feedback is reduced. That's not to say there is no ground feedback, but whenever you add padding you'll lose feedback.

    When looking for a Barefoot or minimalist running shoe you want it to be zero drop, which means there is not a raised heel, it looks and feels like Fut glove accomplished this.

    The Fut Glove Zum's are very comfortable and are a great design. When running in my Zum's I had no hot spots and they seemed to hold up great.

    The Zum's may not me the best winter running shoe (I'm in Canada) because the sole doesn't offer a ton of grip and the sidewalks are alittle icy this time of year. But for your normal conditions the Zum offers ample grip.

    When talking about Barefoot Running shoes you always hear people talk about the toe box, it's the space the shoe provides your toes to spread out. With Toe shoes there's no real toe box and your toes can move independently which is great.

    The Zum is lightweight and made of breathable materials that make it a joy to wear.

    Overall the Fut Glove Zum is a good shoe that offers some competition to Vibram and its Five Fingers.

    If I was going to fault the Zum it would be for the extra padding that they added to the sole of the shoe, but it was their goal to make it feel more "regular"

    I feel that the Fut Glove is a good transition shoe into the Barefoot Running world, but if you already own a pair of Barefoot shoes you may find this a little step backwards.



    1. what would you say is the very best barefoot to try first?

    2. I myself love my Vibram Five Fingers, you take your time and your body will adjust no problem. A shoe like your Nike Free, Rebok Realflex and Adidas climacool give you alittle taste but not a true barefoot shoe. A Vivobarefoot shoe would be a great shoe to try they alot more "barefoot" then your big brand name shoes. The best thing is get in a store and try them on, a barefoot shoe should not be bought on the internet unless it's hassle free to return. Email any questions

    3. Barefoot is about minimalism. Not padding and more artificial support. A thin sole is your goal, I can't even find any documentation of any sole thicknesses from ZUM.