Barack Obama Running Barefoot

Yesterday was a little bit of a lazy day for me, I was really under the weather the day before but started to come out of it yesterday. I made it to the gym and the snow storm we were having here kept the crowds away.

As I flipped through some news shows and so-called news programs I saw photos of President Barack Obama running barefoot in the sand while on vacation. The first thing I thought about was how all of us run barefoot. A lot of people may look down on barefoot running but they at sometime have done it and will do it again, and the interesting thing is that running barefoot is often associated with joy, think of running in the sand, playing barefoot in the grass all good memories.

The next question that came to mind was " What is President Barack Obamas Running form?"

Unlike other Presidents it is hard to find Photos of Barack Obama running. I found a couple photos and put them together to attempt to analyze.

When looking at the first 3 photos I tend to believe that Obama is a heel striker but the cool part is when looking at the last photo where Obama is running barefoot on the beach his form improves and it looks as if he'll mid-foot strike. When running barefoot your body naturally adapts to protect itself.

Anyways, Hope you have a great day.



  1. LOL! That looks like a good mid-strike!

  2. yeah it's hard to say, first photo looks like a heel strike, next 2 look mid strike, hard to tell where in the landing he is.. can u tell im bored