UPS Stole Christmas

Update: UPS got back to me and basicly said "too bad soo sad" they are keeping the package and said contact the shipper for a refund, well if I could contact the shipper we wouldn't be having this problem as well!!  
Well I have been waiting on a package for the last month, there was some mix ups between the shipper and UPS so the package was not delivered.

Today I received my first contact from UPS they were asking me for money to cover Customs and Handling for the package I have yet to receive.

So I call UPS and they tell me that the package has been " abandoned" and in order for me to get the package the shipper must call them and allow them to deliver "MY" package.

The issue is that I have been trying to contact the shipper for almost a month and can't get ahold of them... So this means they can't call to release my package.

The customer service rep offered this as reasoning why they can't deliver the package " It would create chaos"

So to sum this up, in the next few weeks my package will be destroyed and everyone wins minus me.... Plus UPS wants their shipping costs..

Be careful with UPS


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