Spin Class

I just got back from the spin class from you know where!!

The trainer for my normal spin class stopped teaching the class due to a new job, I really enjoyed her classes and thought they were good. The trainers name was Jenn, she could best be described as sweet Jenn, she smiled and cracked the odd joke during classes.

Now little did Jenn know she was setting me up for failure, I arrived at this new spin class and jumped on the bike. Before I could even catch the trainers name sweat was pouring off my brow puddling below me, this trainer was intense, about half way though my body was crying for me to stop. I made it through the class and I loved it, there's something about pushing your body to the limit. I'll be sore tomorrow.

After spin class I tried a new exercise I saw on Blonde Ponytails blog, check out her video below, it's a good one:

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