Running Interval Training fail

This morning I got up early by my standards and headed to the gym. I was planning to get a good run in because I have been slacking of late. I got this great Interval Training workout from Idlehide this am and jumped on the treadmill.

I thought I would start off with the beginner workout as I had been slacking of late, about 2mins in I flipped the paper over to the intermediate Interval training workout because the beginner was way too easy.

Well about 20mins into this intermediate workout I noticed that I was hardly sweating... Am I in that good of shape? No!! lol

At about the 30min mark Idlehide came over thinking I was on the beginner workout and was surprised to see that I was on the intermediate workout... What was wrong?

Well I found out the my treadmill was Canadian, and instead of running in MPH I was running in KPH which is alot slower... Anyways it was a good warm-up for my weight workout.

Hoping to get my Fut gloves soon to review.


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