Running In The Snow

Yesterday was our first big snowfall here in Nova Scotia, about 10-15cm's of snow fell on the ground right around rush hour. What a big first snow fall means to emergency workers is alot of accidents...

Yesterday in all of the zones in the city Police responded to 110 accidents, that is a ton of dented cars, I guess it was a early Christmas for auto body shops..

All these accidents made me think about proper traction while running in the winter so I wanted to throw together a quick post before work this morning.

Here are a few things to think about before heading out in the snow:
  • This is almost natural to Forefoot runners but shorten your running stride and keep your feet lower to the ground. You will run more efficiently and reduce the risk of slipping, falling or
    straining muscles.
  • Try and stick to the snow that is less packed together, this can be more dangerous than loose snow.
  • If you are planning a "normal" run just shorten it alittle because you'll be working harder in the snow.
  • You'll really notice those stabilizing muscles yelling after your run, stretch them out afterwards.
  •  Dress in layers, start with a sweat wicking base layer, DO NOT wear Cotton as this will soak up moisture and keep you wet and cold.
  • Relax and focus on the road ahead, enjoy the run and be safe
Hope these few tips helped yoo out,

Happy Running

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