Night Out

Tonight we met up with our friends Tim and Steph, Tim is a fellow blogger at GoodCarBadCar, check him out.

They took as to a local cheesecake eatery ( The Sweet Hereafter)  that has a cool "rocker barbie" decor, not sure if that really sounds cool but it looks awesome. Myself and idlehide got the Almond Joy Cheesecake, with Tim and Steph getting the Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake... It was soo good.

After the cheesecake we walked down the street and popped into the trail shop where they were taking down their Christmas decorations. The Trail shop is a awesome local "we have everything" outdoors shop. Tonight I fell in love, I was browsing their shoes on display and my eyes fell upon the best looking shoes I've seen in a while, my new love was a pair of Patagonia Olulu shoes. I need and must have a pair of these, they are very minimal, with a low heel drop, wide toe box and are super light. But like all love stories there's that part that will bring tears to the readers eyes... Here it is "they don't have my size!" I'll live tho, I'll be rocking these soon.

And a shout out to the awesome worker wearing the toque at the Trail shop, you made a customer of me. ( to you Americans a toque is a winter hat )

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