2011 In Review

It's been a great year in the blogger world. I have enjoyed maintaining Lose The for all my readers and I am happy about all the feedback I have received.

2011 was the first year for Lose The Shoes and I'm excited to see what its second year will bring. I hope to be able to do more giveaways and offer you more great reviews. I plan in 2012 to open up the blog alittle more and show you what my life is like, I hope I don't bore you too much.

I hope you are all safe tonight, and enjoy yourselves and see you tomorrow.

My Top Posts of 2011:

- The Reebox Realflex generated alot of interest from non barefoot runners and helped more barefoot running into the spotlight.

- This year there was a little drama within the barefoot community with Vibram suing Fila over stealing their design, so that's my I think Vibram Five Fingers vs. Fila Skeletoes is a great review.

- I picked my Jinga Review as one of my top posts, because they were one of the favorite shoes I reviewed and a great company, so they deserve the press.

- And the final post I'd like to highlight is the HD video of the 2011 Kona World Championship, I hope some day to make it to Kona and this years race was amazing... I won't play spoiler but you need to watch it.