VivoBarefoot Ultra Shoe Review

I recently reviewed the VivoBarefoot Evo's and greatly enjoyed them. I came across a review recently of the VivoBarefoot Ultra, the VivoBarefoot Ultra is the Minimalist running shoe that I'd like to review next.

The review is from Wired.com and is a great review, check it out here...

The Vivo Barefoot Ultras are true minimalist running shoes. They aim to give you an experience that’s as close as possible to running in bare feet. There are other shoes feeding this craze, like Vibram’s famous FiveFingers toe-shoes and Merrell’s Barefoot runners. As any fan of barefoot running knows, some of the design choices made by these shoe manufacturers are dubious, as they apply radical technologies and materials in their attempt to lighten the load or arrive at their minimalist goals.

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