Adidas $1 Shoes In India

Do you get excited when your favorite shoes go on sale?

How excited would you be if you could buy a pair of new Adidas shoes for $1??

Adidas who is German owned, and one of the biggest sportswear and equipment maker in the world announced they will launch a shoe costing one dollar a pair in India.

Adidas has previously considered a similar initiative of selling a one-dollar shoe in Bangladesh last year, but reported losses in the initial test batch of 5,000 pairs, adding that the shoes cost three dollars to make and $3.50 had to be paid in import duty, that doesn't add up!!

Adidas wants to break into the huge market in India, whats better then selling a shoe for $1.


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  1. If other shoe makers follow suit, I'd buy out Taos shoes to fill up my closet!