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Here at I love to offer you shoe reviews. Sometimes my reviews are more warnings then anything else. This may be the case with my Reebok Easytone review.

Shoe fads come and go, Shoe companies put a lot of money into marketing these fads to fully capitalize on them while they're in. The Toning shoe trend has been around for alittle while now and it has stayed a lot longer then I hoped.

So today I'd like to talk about the Reebok Easytones. I would first like to say that the Reebok Easytones are not a barefoot style shoe and are far from a minimalist running shoe. The reason that I am reviewing these shoes is I would like people to know the truth about them. Don't worry none of my money was wasted in the writing of this review, you can learn alot from a few laps around your local shoe store.

Reebok says the following about the Reebok Easytones "Style and breathability are beautifully combined in this athletic-inspired EasyTone. The SmoothFit hidden-seam liner ensures minimal rub and irritation, while the anti-microbial sockliner manages moisture"

So what are Reebok Easytone shoes? To keep it simple the Reebok Easytone shoes are a normal shoe upper with little stability balls on the sole that create a natural instability that makes your muscles work to balance yourself hence causing toning.  I have seen some stats (of course from the shoe companies) that said the Reebok Easytone shoes cause 28% more gluteus maximus muscle activation, and 11% more calf and hamstring activation. That sounds great but at what cost?

The Reebok Easytone shoes are more for walking and won't offer the support or stability you need for high impact exercises such as running or for activities with a lot of lateral movement. The Reebok Easytones are similar to using a wobble board or balance board in a gym.  They do offer different types of EasyTones, including a running version thats called Runtone.

If you put on a pair of Reebok Easytone shoes you will find them to be very comfortable, the reason being is that they have a ton of padding in the sole and the air filled toning pockets.

Whats wrong with the Reebok Easytone shoes?

Here at when reviewing shoes look for a shoe that allows your foot to function the way it was designed to do. The Reebok EasyTone shoes are just as likely as any other "typical sneaker" to alter natural foot function, and walking with “balanced pods” fixed to the bottom of your feet may even be worse for you.

Because Reebok’s EasyTone sneakers are intentionally designed create a slight instability, they can potentially increase the risk of injury to you, think about walking along a bumpy path or trying to run for the bus on a uneven sidewalk. Now when you need your balance most your shoes are working againest you.
The thing that scares me the most about these types of shoes is that parents are putting them on their childrens feet that are still developing and I fear it will harm them down the road, these toning shoes haven't been around enough to know what will happen.

What we do know is that a pair of shoes isn't enough to change the shape of your hips, glutes and thighs unless, perhaps, you strap them to your thighs with a couple of weight for some squats and lunges. If you want to tone your body, you need to build muscle with strength training and lose body fat with cardio and a healthy diet. So save your money and invest in a gym membership or cardio classes. And if you like Reebok try the Realflex's

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