Under Armour Micro G Split Review

I must say that my dirty little secret is that I'm a Under Armour Junkie, I know they over charge for their products and they probably spend more money in marketing then product design, They just slap that UA on anything and it instantly becomes a must have.

That being said, I find their clothing line comfortable and stylish, but over the last couple of years their shoes have been a big failure, Has that changed?

Under Armour has their Micro G Split shoes, they are stylish looking vs their older designs, and it looks like more research was put into this design.

Under Armour Says the following:

The Under Armour Micro G Split running shoe features an exclusive moisture-wicking upper that helps keep your feet cool, dry and light. Durable HeatGear® materials are purposefully applied exactly where your feet need it. Micro G midsole delivers light, ultra-responsive, low-to-the-ground performance for better natural stability and comfort. Strategically placed carbon rubber provides a balance of cushioning, durability and flexibility. Wt. 9.1 oz.

I must say that Under Armour has moved in the right direction, Under Armour's previous shoes like the Fleet were designed like the the Nike Shox with the raised heel design and they also weighed about 4 oz. heavier.

So with the Micro G Under Armour cut the weight of their shoe by a third, lowered the heel and reduced the cushioning to provide alittle more feel.

The sole of the shoe is not as flexible as I would like but it has improved, One issue I have is that I find the shoe very narrow, just by looking at it you can tell the the toe box is smaller not allowing your toes to be free within the shoe, that was verified when sliding them on.

The design of the shoe is more appealing and more eye catching. The design also has some functional parts with the ventilation and heat control components.

One part of my research it to go to local stores and talk to the sales people that are selling the shoes. When going to a chain store the kids know very little about minimalistic shoes or their designs but they know what the customers think.

What I heard about this shoe was shocking, first thing was when I asked about the shoe, the first thing that came out of the sales person mouth was not to buy the! They say that they are seeing a large majority of the shoes they sell come back to the store with holes wearing in them and the symbols falling off them and the customers complaining of discomfort.

So what do I think about the Under Armour Micro G Splits? Well on paper they are moving in the right direction, making them lighter, removing cushioning, and a better design, but wearing them myself and hearing customer feedback that is negative,  I would have to not recommend these shoes.

But keep going in the right direction Under Armour

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  1. I just bought a pair of these shoes and am going for a run today. In the store, they felt perfect, and as I have a somewhat narrower foot, they fit very well. Since my big toe goes straight in line with my foot, many models cramp my big toe pressing it to the inside, but the Micros didn't do that. The cushioning felt about right, not too cushy and with enough lateral support. I've tried on various Under Armor shoes in the past but haven't been impressed by the fee. The Micro G Split may be a contender for serious runners...I hope...