Skechers GOrun Review

Skechers has jumped into the Minimalistic shoe market with the GOrun. The yet-to-be-released GOrun by Skechers uses minimalistic engineering and a 4mm heel-toe drop to create a barefoot running experience. The shoe, endorsed and engineered with the help of Meb Keflezighi, will hit stores later this year.

From the Skechers Blog....Skechers is a global leader in the footwear industry and the number two athletic footwear brand in the United States, today announced that it has signed an agreement with distance runner Meb Keflezighi to endorse SKECHERS Fitness performance footwear and apparel in a worldwide multiple-medium marketing campaign.

Skechers has alot of money to throw at product design and research, but I think their plan of attack is to see whats hot and selling well out there, copy that idea and throw all their money at marketing and makes lots of money.

Skechers GOrun looks alot like the Nike Free or the Reebok Realflexs. The Skechers have a very flexible sole and have the pod look like the Realflexs. When watching the Promo video for the Skechers Gorun you get to see that the upper for the GOrun will be flashy with bright colors. The Upper also looks breathable with a good deal of mesh. The sole looks like it's beefed up at the mid-foot for those midfoot runners. From looking at the video it doesn't look like the Skechers GOrun will be a zero drop shoe.

I had alittle laugh when watching the marketing video where C Burke says that Minimalistic shoes are a new territory. Well I guess for Nike, Reebok etc it's new, but minimalistic shoes have been around for as long as we have.

I think it will be interesting to try out the Skechers GOrun, but I find it hard to have faith in a shoe company that pushes a shoe that is so wrong like the shape ups.

We will have to see..


  1. Saying that sketchers pushes the wrong shoe with their shape ups is totally wrong. If you are too lazy to learn to walk in them properly then shame on you. I think they are a great training shoe and have walked many miles in them

  2. To Anonymous,
    I kept your comment because thats you opinion, I'm sorry you feel that way.
    But I still stand by the idea they are unhealthy for your body.

  3. Sketchers is such a JOKE!!! It makes me totally sick. This is a flat out copy of the Free. I say a video of the VP of Advanced Concepts, I forgot his name and to be honest really don't care as he does not deserve the space in my brain. He sots there and does the exact same sales pitch as the Free, and acts like they "invented" something. They copied something just like they always do. They should be shut down and that VP of AD should be jailed for being a total fool, what an asshole! I HATE SKETCHERS!!!

    1. I would try them out before saying anything. I hate Skechers too they have pushed horrible, clunky, over used models. And I agree that these shoes are very similiar to Nike's and Rebooks models. But I tried them recently on a 6.8 mile run and I have to say they felt great. I cant say anything else nothing negative other than that they feel awkward at first. I think Skechers is taking a very good turn now.

  4. they are not the nike free. they are better in everyway. i have never used a better 80dollar sneaker ever. i own a few racers and the sketchers are my favorite. plus the nike free tend to hold on to rocks and all kind of junk in there sole. take a closer look at the sketchers they have features that 160 dollar sneakers dont have. stop caring about brands and look at the product.

  5. Had my first run in these yesterday, w/o socks like they encourage. Let me tell u, these shoe tore my feet up. Blisters on the inside side of both feet. Skin peeled back, raw, & bleedy. Shame on u Skechers although I shouldn't have been so gulluble. Note to runners: always wear socks when running regardless of the shoe or your feet will get torn up! Period. Don't believe these companies & their marketing hype or the shoe salesman for that matter. It's impossible not to get blisters on your feet because the edge of the inside soles is impossible for your foot to avoid when running. Your foot slides around & will eventually get cut up unless you're only running 2 blocks. I call BS Skechers. Where a sock people.