Homemade LaraBars

I'm sure you have all heard of LaraBars.

LaraBars were created by Lara Merriken who wanted something healthy that she could eat instead of what was on the store shelves, so she created LaraBars. They are now sold by General Mills.
I was checking my Twitter feed recently and came across a post by Health Habits who had gathered a ton of homemade recipes for Larabars. Check out all the yummy recipes here at Health Habits site.

So I was going through the list of all the Homemade LaraBars, and I found one I liked. I took a pic of the ingredients and headed out to the local bulk health store and picked up the ingredients.  I tweaked the recipe alittle to make it my own. I think I'm calling them KoHo Bars after my wife and I ;)

Benifits of "KoHo Bars"
They contain about: 10g of fat
                                  5g of protein
                                  4g of fiber

KoHo Bars are great because they are simple to make, healthy ingredients and provide great energy.
If you're on a budget, the KoHo bars cost me about 65 cents to make per bar.

Check out the Yummy LaraBars (KoHo Bars) I created here, with recipe

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