Saucony Hattori Review

The Saucony Hattori is a shoe that was introduced to the Minimalist running shoe market by Saucony to compete with the Nike Free, and Now the Reebok Realflex would be on the same level. These shoes are not that far removed in looks from traditional running shoes making the switch a little easier for runners. One thing that's for sure, these shoes will catch your eye with their flashy colors.

When looking for a great Minimalist running shoe, you want a zero drop heel, that's lightweight with a big toe box.  The Saucony Hattori has hit on all these elements, but lacks a little in the toe box, they could have made it a little bigger.

They provide some cushioning but not so much to take away the feel of the ground and make it traditional shoe, but it is on the lower end when it comes to minimalist shoes for ground feel. The Hattori has a relatively thin(about 10mm), but firm, sole. Most running shoes have an EVA foam midsole covered by a rubberized outsole. The Hattori sole is mostly solid EVA that is notched to provide extra flexibility. This exposed EVA is what makes them unique and likely decreases the weight substantially. But will it last?

These are a wonderful entry (actually the best) into the minimalist shoe category for a big shoe maker. The biggest suggestion for future models is to make the closure straps less stretchy. The stretchy nature makes the closure a bit less secure.
Would definitely recommend these shoes to someone looking for a minimalist shoe

Saucony says:

Our most minimal and lightweight shoe ever, the Hattori is literally an extension of your foot. Unlike other very minimal shoes, the Hattori’s mitten-like toe box gives your toes room to naturally arch, grip and push off. To further leverage natural toe movement, the sole features a visible flex groove in back of the toes and in front of the metatarsals. The sculpted foam of the sole also includes strategically placed impact cushioning and delivers a slight piston effect without ever compromising natural motion. Weight: 4.4 oz.


  1. Sure wish they'd let me try a pair! :)

  2. Have you been in contact with them?