Vibram Five Fingers For Kids

When it comes to summer, kiddie fashion usually means bright colors - pinks, yellows, blues, and greens - combined with high-tech durability for running, tumbling, and swimming.

That is why I predict that Vibram FiveFingers running shoes are going to be style must-haves for the under-10 set this warm-weather season. Vibram just launched the child-size version of the adult running shoe in March.

One thing about Kids is that they love cool things, kids will see other Kids in the shoes and will say "Mommy I want those" So I think Vibram made the right move.

If your New to Vibram Five Fingers, they aren't new. In fact, fitness gurus have been rocking the pliable ped protectors for about five years, and in the last two years, they have helped spawn the barefoot, or minimalist, running trend. Minimalist runners tout toe movement - it purportedly activates unused muscles in the calves and feet - and FiveFingers allows that, along with a protective sole.

Although runners say the shoes are initially painful because those specific muscles aren't yet developed, they contend that the shoes eventually cut down on common ailments such as shin splints and sore ankles.

Kids won't have this break in period because kids are always running around the house and yard in bare feet. This is why it's key to put your kids into a Minimalist shoe, to allow their feet to properly develop.

Thats why experts say it is children who will benefit from the minimalist shoe trend even more than adult runners.

Decades ago, toddlers traditionally were outfitted in hard, Buster Brown-type shoes as soon as they could walk,  However shoe manufacturers eventually realized that kids needed more flexibility in their early years, so their gait could develop naturally.

While Vibram was on the cutting edge for minimalist shoes for adults, other companies like Pediped, Keen, and Geox were already on the less-is-more track for little ones.

Sales currently are strongest in Southern states, where the weather is warmer,  but interest in the Northeast states should pick up when the weather heats up.

Get them for your kids!

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