Lack Of Sunshine

If the weather has been anything like ours weather your most likely feeling a little under the weather. Here we haven't had sunshine in the last 25+ days. This last week I've started to feel the effects so here's a little info that may help you.

I've personally been starting to pop vitamin D. The sun is our key source of vitamin D. Our skin absorbs the rays, which fuel hormones that are linked to bone strength, muscle function, balance,mood and blood pressure. But with the lack of sun I've turned to pill form.

Recent studies have shown that mental illness is being increasingly linked to a lack of vitamin D. And with a stretch of no sun you will start to see depression creep up around you, it's funny to think sun can do this to you. Life after all, needs sun to survive.

It seems a lot of us see value in having tanned skin, but are we aware of the value of gaining that colour from the sun, and receiving the associated benefits? Studies have found that vitamin D improves mental health, while it has also found an association with reduced sun exposure as well as low 25-hydroxy vitamin D levels. They also made note of the need for vitamin D in a brain’s function. That dragging feeling that you haven’t been enjoying during those often dull and lifeless winter months (and sometimes, summer days) might be a simple vitamin deficiency

What does this all mean? Perhaps there is a distinct link between the dreary faces on the tube and starvation from sun? When was the last time you spent the whole day outside? – It’s easy to neglect what you’re missing out on, become accustomed to it and (lacking self-awareness) fall into that inevitable, gaping rut.

Look up to the sky, and soak up that precious sun. Allow its natural anti-depressant into your body and mind. Draw your curtains, wind your window down, take your top off, get outside, forget the tube, have a picnic, play some sport and live. A little happier and a little healthier.

And in weather like this take a supplement like Vitamin D.

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