Five Fingers Komodo Sport vs. the Bikila

The FiveFingers Bikila is Vibrams Running shoe and the Komodo Sport is the all purpose fitness shoe.

The Bikila is designed to have the thickest sole to provide alittle more padding to keep those runners happy out there.

The Komodo Sport is padded as well but the Komodo Sport is designed to do whatever the wearer wants, great for crossfit, maybe some tennis then throw in a run then yoga.
Both the Komodo Sport and Bikila do not offer the same ground feedback as a pair of sprints or classics but will allow you to do more. Both the Komodo Sport and the Bikilas have the same polyurethance foodbed. I own both the Bikilas and the Komodo Sports and I feel I get alittle more feedback from the Bikilas.

So what pair should you buy?

It's simple, if your going to do mainly running in your Vibram Five Fingers you'll want to buy the Bikilas, but if your looking for a pair to wear in any sitution I'd buy the Komodo Sports. They are both great shoes, thats why I own both.

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