Fila Skeletoes vs Vibram Five Fingers

So Whats better? The Fila Skeletoes or Vibram Five Fingers?

The Skele-Toes  reminds me of water shoes, which they work great as. The Vibram Five Fingers were also called water shoes and really the first ones were being made for sailing.

I'm not trying to dog the Skele-toes' look — they are a quality shoe that is well-made of strong materials. The Skeletoes were not really made for sport more for sliding on after, but they have a very sporty look. VFFs are also very sporty, Speeds and KSO Treks are very sporty and cool looking.

A big bonus with the Skele-toes is that they can be had for $50-$60 — and they are coming out with kid's sizes. Being $50 - $60 they are almost half price besides a pair of VFF's. The Skele-Toes are worth considering. On the other hand, if you want the Cadillac of toe shoes, I think you'll be happier spending the extra money and getting a pair of VFFs.

Competition is great in any area, so I am happy to see a little competition in the toe shoe market, but I don't think Vibram is too worried, but they are suing mind you..

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  1. I crossed the NF, NY border this past weekend to find some Vibram's since I can't seem to find any around me here but had no luck (I require instant gratification and ordering online takes too long - plus, I don't know the fit!)..I ended up stumbling upon the Skeletoes and I bought them for $59.99...thought they would be a good trial pair..and so far I am LOVING them. I've run all week - SO much better...I've played dodgeball - A LOT more movement! They do look funny, and people are staring..but that gives me a chance to advertise them!