Converse Chuck Taylors review

I've seen this question throughout my travels on the Internet... "Is there anybody out there running in good ol' Converse Chuck Taylors?"

I would like to start off that I would never think of running in a pair of Converse All-Stars or Converse Chuck Taylors.

But there is a large group of people out there that believe that the Converse Chuck Taylors would qualify as a minimalistic shoe.

I have a few issues with calling the Converse Chuck Taylors a minimalistic running shoe, they are too long and narrow, they don't really give you enough room to spread your toes. The shoe may be minimalistic in look but there sole is think and heavy. Also Nike has recently bought up Converse and added arch support and cushioning to the Converse chuck Taylor's.

There is a large group of people using the Converse Chuck Taylors to workout in, loving them for Dead lifts and squats because of their flat sole, but you don't see many running in them and I wouldn't recommend it.

On a side note - in Rocky II Stallone was wearing chucks for his victorious training run up the stairs

A cool shoe? Yes
A running shoe? No



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  1. My 8yr old son and I ran in two 5Ks these past two weekends-- both of us wearing our CHUCK TAYLOR canvas low tops. I'm a barefoot jumproper (for past 12 yrs) and a former runner prior to that(wore regular running shoes- did 20ks, 10ks, hs track). So running in CTs is new to me this year, after having not run at all in more than a decade. I started doing 1 mile training runs with my son. At least at 5K or less the CTs are really good using a barefoot running technique. I tried using Saucony Grid Flex instead, but way too much support and had to return them. Tried on the other fancy minimalist shoes- but don't come wide enough for my flat arch, wide feet. CTs would make you sore if you are used to regular running shoes, but a barefooter would probably much prefer CTs over running shoes, as I do. I just purchased regular running shoes for my son, even though he runs fine in CTs, just so he is not singled out as odd or me as a cheap-o dad. He will try them out this week. If there is a minimalist shoes wide enough for me I might try it, but honestly the CTs are near perfect except for weight and stiffness in toes until you break them in and forma perma-curve at the front. I might try NB spikeless Xc flats in wide, but I'd rather do CTs than anything else right now. Once you are used to barefoot it is really hard to go back because you'll want to bounce on the balls of your feet and sprawl your toes-- anything else feels too tight and uncomfortable.