How to run barefoot tips

How to run barefoot quick tips

  • Runners are baring their very soles - via the LA Times on October 5, 2009. from Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton:
    • Never heel-strike. Land on the forefoot, with an erect back on a bent leg.
    • Quickly lower the heel so that the foot is flat on the ground.
    • Strive for a rapid turnover. The less time your foot is on the ground, the faster you are and the less you get injured. Lift the foot straight up off the ground
    • Run quietly. "You know you're a good barefoot runner when you scare people as you pass them -- because they can't hear you coming," says Barefoot Julian (more commonly known as Julian Romero, a Caltech doctoral student). "You're really good when you can scare a dog."
    • Finally, don't have too much fun at first. "Avoid RBES -- the 'Running Barefoot Exuberance Syndrome,' " Saxton says. "People get so excited that they run too much too soon and get hurt, especially calves and Achilles. So build up slowly."
  • BFT's Barefoot Running Basics - from BarefootTed's Minimalist Runner tips include:
  1. Gentle ball-heel-ball landings - feet and arms moving in same direction...forward.
  2. Quick cadence - leg speed
  3. Stable upright posture and engaged core...no bending at waist.
  • Barefoot Running via Dr. Nicholas Romanov of Posetech (below are Romanov's tips, more at Posetech)
    • start using racing flats in your everyday running
    • do light jumps and hops in place with a jumping rope, do the same on two low boxes, with light weights
    • start running on sand in racing flats
    • do barefoot jumps in place with a jumping rope, then on boxes
    • start doing short barefoot runs on grass
    • do short barefoot runs and jumps on sand
    • increase the length of barefoot running on grass and sand
    • alternate each of the above exercises with normal running

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