Vibram Five Fingers in the Snow

Today I wanted to head out for a Hike with Friends.  The weather here was just below freezing and there was alittle snow on the ground.

I wanted to try out my Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas out in the cold weather, I have used them running and my feet stayed warm but how would they hold up in the cold at a slow pace?

Before I headed out I thought I would rig up a pair of socks to wear with up Bikilas, I took a pair of semi thick socks and cut the toes section off the socks, I was surprised that when putting my Five Fingers on the sock stayed in place well.  The purpose was to keep up ankle warm that would be exposed to the outside. I must say they worked great, and I didn't feel the sock in the shoe and it caused no discomfort.

We started out on the hike and within 30 seconds we hit a wet boggy area, the whole hike was across bog like land. So I stepped into the freezing cold water that woke me up and out the other side, My feet were cold for alittle bit but as I walked all the excess water drained off and the water in the shoes was heated by my foot, kinda like a wetsuit effect.

This went on for the whole hike stepping in and out of cold water, every time I was out of the water I'd wiggle my toes and off I went again.

I had brought why hiking boots and warm socks in my pack if my experiment failed but I was impressed that I never put them on, and I even wore my Five Fingers on the drive home because they felt comfortable.

So Overall the Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas got a passing mark in this weather which was right around the freezing mark.


  1. I'm considering getting the Bikilias for my upcoming marathon, what do you think of them???

  2. I Love them,, they are built for running and they feel great,, I'm still working on my cardio so only up to 10km in them so far...